Wilson’s Career Readiness Consultancy (WCRC) is a public policy and project -based consultancy that focuses on a Public – Private Partnership approach in promoting STEAM-based career and entrepreneurship initiatives.  These projects primarily target initiatives that will prepare underrepresented youth and young adults to contribute to the economic and cultural well-being of their communities. Such work includes exploring state-wide programming which will expand these initiatives in K-12 institutions, so that students can make profitable decisions when they enter the workforce.

Policy leaders are recognizing the importance of encouraging employers to participate in curriculum development and career-based courses in K-12 school districts. Additionally, policy leaders want to develop a pathway which will allow students to further their education and credentials.  In several districts, technical and traditional high schools are expanding work experience and access to college courses; especially in the STEAM field.

WCRC is currently conducting research on employer perception in working with High School students and K-12 districts. Through survey research, our goal is to develop programming regarding building relevant partnerships; especially in predominantly low income, minority districts.

If any professionals in the STEAM industry are interested in participating, please download the survey below this message and email it to latoyawilson94@gmail.com upon completion. If you would like to learn more about WCRC, please visit rebuildworkforce.com. We are very open to partner with any professionals, public policy leaders, and practitioners with similar goals.

Attached Survey.


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