WCRC 2020

          Now that the end of 2019 is approaching, I would like to reflect on several transitions of my focus. For starters, I decided to change the title of my consultancy to WCRC (Wilson Career Readiness Consultancy). The mission statement for WCRC is to inform my current and potential clients that I am a single entity that offers consultancy rather than an organization. WCRC intends to be primarily policy-focused that promotes career-readiness and entrepreneurship initiatives for disadvantaged youth and young adults. Such tasks would allow me to collaborate with policy leaders, education administrators, and industry leaders to upgrade CTE curriculum in institutions and traditional high schools by strengthening relationships with stakeholders and increasing funding. My work will include organizing any events, workshops, conferences, and career fairs with stakeholders in communities. So far, I have been building those relationships with a possibility of developing my new projects.

           In addition, my focus has been narrowed down to promoting STEAM-based career readiness for target groups between the ages of 2-26. WCRC recognizes that underserved populations do not only reside in urban communities, but also in suburban and rural communities. Minorities, women, disabled residents, and working class are actually increasingly living in middle to higher economic neighborhoods, but are still impacted by systemic struggles. The goal is to increase representation of targeted populations into STEAM careers and entrepreneurship so they can increase their economic status and survive gentrification. My focus allowed me to focus on 2 major state Legislations which will award grant funding to CTE and traditional High Schools. I focus on institutions that are seeking to upgrade their curriculum that include predominantly Minority Districts. In addition, WCRC is becoming involved with STEM pathway organizations in New York and New Jersey. Furthermore, WCRC has expressed opportunities in Climate change and Sustainability organizations that incorporate youth training.

            My work emphasizes public-private partnerships, so that private industries can play a role in avenues such as career readiness, curriculum development, internships, and community programs. CTE and traditional school districts are incorporating work-based learning, which allows students to gain hands-on skills in addition to earning high school and postsecondary credentials. Employers and education have different needs and understanding; therefore, my goal is to serve as a liaison so that students can have an increased access to mentors, experiential learning, and knowledge of skills. In 2020, I will become a new member of the NJ Business & Industry Association. I will continue to build relationships with STEAM-based employers who are working with K-12 districts and programs for youth and young adults.

Lastly, WCRC aims to grow internationally in 2020. Stay tuned!

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