About the Founder

I have many years of experience providing academic and career advisement to underrepresented traditional and older students in higher education institutions. During my past positions, I served as a liaison between higher education, social services, and students, which allowed me to build relationships with employers. I have partnered with local elected officials, as well as, local employers to host job fairs and community educational programs.

Currently, I am teaching career-readiness, political science, and student success to traditional college students. I am, also, using my years of political experience to collaborate with political leadership in promoting initiatives that will prepare students for specialized careers. My goal is to work with public, private, and political stakeholders in producing a new generation of diverse successful professionals, leaders, and entrepreneurs in STEAM careers. In other words, expand STEAM-based CTE curriculum and programs so that our youth and young adults can build knowledge, experience, and network.

I understand that a strong partnership between policymakers, practitioners, and constituents is critical in developing such programs. On one hand, practitioners are in the front-line in terms of working with population; but on the other hand, public policies impact the ability of creating, implementing, and paying for successful services.  Most importantly, expand partnerships with employers and entrepreneurs so they can participate in these programs and decision making process. Although my work is located in the northeast, I am in the process of expanding in other parts of the country and world.

I earned a Bachelors in Business Administration from Georgia State University and a Masters of Public Administration from University of Baltimore.




















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