About the Founder


         During my Masters program, I was introduced to aligning workforce and economic development initiatives as an intern in DC. That professional experience shaped my past and current career in serving as a liaison between higher education, public policy, career development programs, and high demand industries. At the same, was able to analyze how career development connects with economic development needs that will increase competitiveness for the future and struggling workforce.  My role allowed me to provide career and academic advisement, as well as job development services to traditional students, dislocated workers, social service recipients, and ESL students. I have partnered with local elected officials and employers to organize 2 major job fairs with 25 companies and over 400 candidates, as well as, develop training programs that align with local growing markets. As an independent, I have participated in meetings and public policy hearings to measure how revitalization projects directly impact displacement of low-income residents and small businesses. Such work empowered me to develop a business consultancy that will increase economic status and representation for those who are negatively impacted by the results of a globalized economy.

         The purpose of creating WCRC is to serve as a liaison to policy, education, economic development, and STEAM-based industry stakeholders. On one hand, practitioners are in the front-line in terms of working with population; but on the other hand, public policies impact the ability of creating, implementing, and paying for successful services. I understand that STEAM-based industries will be a key component because not only will employers and entrepreneurs offer expertise about their fields, but provide financial and material support. Most importantly, create higher paying, innovative opportunities for local talents, as well as, contribute to economic growth in communities. My target population for career pathway projects are youth and young adults because my philosophy is to introduce them to careers at an earlier stage to develop an effective career plan. In addition, my work will, also, include collaborating with economic development stakeholders to develop inclusive policies to minimize displacement of hard-working residents and small businesses. I measure success based on access to career and wealth building opportunities, local business and talent retention, and diversity in decision-making process.  Although my work is located in the northeast, I am in the process of expanding in other parts of the country and internationally.

        I have earned a Bachelors in Business Administration from Georgia State University and a Masters of Public Administration from University of Baltimore.




Local Economic Certification

















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