WCRC 2020

          Now that the end of 2019 is approaching, I would like to reflect on several transitions of my focus. For starters, I decided to change the title of my consultancy to WCRC (Wilson Career Readiness Consultancy). The mission statement for WCRC is to inform my current and potential clients that … More WCRC 2020

Wilson’s Career Readiness Consultancy (WCRC) is a public policy and project -based consultancy that focuses on a Public – Private Partnership approach in promoting STEAM-based career and entrepreneurship initiatives.  These projects primarily target initiatives that will prepare underrepresented youth and young adults to contribute to the economic and cultural well-being of their communities. Such work … More

Transitioning the Term, “Career”

States are recognizing that career pathway initiatives are necessary in K-12. Students must become aware of the future that awaits them after high school graduation. Today’s economy is requiring talents to obtain innovative, entrepreneurial, and high skills as a strategy to gain some type of economic success. Not to mention, revitalization projects in urban cities, … More Transitioning the Term, “Career”

Back to Business!!!!

Throughout the summer, I have been reflecting on my passion for expanding programs and resources that prepare K-12 students for careers and entrepreneurship. I have particular interest in working with middle and high school students from low-income communities who have minimal access to relevant resources. My philosophy is simple; Investing in our youth should be part of … More Back to Business!!!!

How Can New Jersey Continue Dr. King Legacy

New Jersey just elected Democratic Phil Murphy as governor. Rebuild Workforce Project, LLC will observe how the new administration will impact urban revitalization, career, and small business development in gentrified communities. Based on the list of his transition team, Governor Murphy is delivering the message that revitalization, high quality education, and workforce development is important. … More How Can New Jersey Continue Dr. King Legacy

Is it possible for Harlem Residents to Hold on to Harlem?

Based on this article, Harlem will resemble 34th street in Manhattan. As a result, displacement of the remaining of Harlem natives and expansion of chain stores will take place. As a child, who grew up in New Haven County CT, Harlem was one of the shopping hub for fashion clothes and coats. I can recall … More Is it possible for Harlem Residents to Hold on to Harlem?

Smithsonian Exhibits African American’s Contribution to Urban Development

The modern version of gentrification discusses the displacement of low-income African Americans. However, evidence show that many have the potential and several are actually thriving in middle to upper class status. Studies have shown that African descendants have developed and contributed wealth to communities in several parts of the country. Most importantly, research show how … More Smithsonian Exhibits African American’s Contribution to Urban Development