Mission and Services

Mission: To promote Public – Private Partnership approach in increasing access to STEAM-based career pathway programs and innovative opportunities for underrepresented youth and young adults. In addition, collaborate with stakeholders in promoting inclusive Local Economic Development projects with representation of marginalized professionals.

Promoting careers in STEAM and Economic Development opportunities for the future generation through public policy and partnerships!

STEAM stands for Science Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math

WCRC contracts their services to particular clients, such as:

Elected Officials, Candidates, Employer Representatives from STEAM Industries, Education Leaders, Programs that Serve K-12 Students and Young Adults, Policy Institutes, Foundations, Economic development agencies, Architects, etc.

Breakdown of Services


  • Develop work-based learning activities and career service curriculum by building STEAM-based industry partnerships for establishments that serve youth and young adults
  • Facilitate initiatives that will introduce potential underrepresented K-16 youth to enroll and succeed in STEAM-based career pathway programs
  • Market local targeted industry to support community development projects that create economical and environmental sustainability with representation of diverse talent
  • Organize programs that expand access to entrepreneurship, property investments, and community sustainability projects so that targeted groups can participate in the decision making process
  • Build working relationships with political stakeholders and train participants to become the voice of public policies that will impact our mission

Career Adviser

  • Connect STEAM-based professionals and entrepreneurs to potential interns, mentors, and qualified candidates.
  • Provide career advisement to K-12 students and young adults 
  • Organize STEAM-based career fairs, events, and programs with partners for targeted population


  • Produce white papers and participate in conferences to educate the public and fellow colleagues on topic

Five Reasons Why is WCRC Unique?

  • Creates public and private partnerships as a solution to build economic and environmental sustainability for participants and their communities
  • Focuses on innovative careers that will prepare the next generation to become adapted to global market, change agents and decision makers 
  • Utilizes Geography Information System (GIS) to conduct research for public policy projects
  • Targets career pathway initiatives to participants between the ages of 12-26 and local economic development projects that benefit underrepresented talent, regardless of economic status.
  • Results driven that measures career, work-based placement rates, passed policy initiatives, and economic success of targeted group

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