What WCRC Consultancy Offers


Public – Private Partnership approach in promoting STEAM-based career and entrepreneurship initiatives for underrepresented youth and young adults. In addition, push for opportunities that will allow participants to contribute to leadership roles.



Type of Services


  • Serve as an adviser to expand career- technical and entrepreneurship curriculum for programs, foundations, and institutions that serve youth and young adults
  • Collaborate with political, industry, and education stakeholders to advocate and monitor the effectiveness of relevant Legislative on Local, State, and Federal level
  • Build working relationships with relevant stakeholders on behalf of employers and education practitioners to secure support and funding
  • Attend and participate in political/public policy workshops, conferences, hearings, and events

Professional Recruitment

  • Connect competitive professionals and entrepreneurs with potential interns, mentors, and qualified candidates
  • Expand partnerships between employers, entrepreneurs, education practitioners, and policy leaders
  • Organize programs that will encourage young professionals and youth to use their talent in revitalization and community development projects

Career Advisement

  • Provide career advisement to students and young adults 
  • Organize career, education, and entrepreneurship fairs, events, and programs


  • Produce white papers and participate in conferences to educate the public and fellow colleagues on topic


Why is WCRC Unique?

  • Majority of projects are public policy based that uses a combination of Geography Information System (GIS), Private Industries, Public Sector, Non-profit, and Legislative resources
  • Heavily target population whom are or will be most negatively impacted by gentrification, especially in inner cities
  • Focuses on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) careers and entrepreneurship that require anywhere between certifications to advanced degrees and typically produce high income for professionals
  • Targets the majority of participants between the ages of 5-26.

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