Mission and Services

Mission: To promote Public – Private Partnership approach in increasing access to STEAM-based career pathway programs, entry-level positions, and innovative opportunities for underrepresented youth and young adults. In addition, collaborate with stakeholders to develop inclusive Local Economic Development projects for underrepresented groups, as well as, distressed neighborhoods.

Promoting careers in STEAM and Economic Development opportunities for the future generation through public policy and partnerships!

WCRC contracts their services to particular clients, such as:

Elected Officials, Candidates, Employer Representatives from STEAM Industries, Education Leaders, Programs that Serve K-12 Students and Young Adults, Policy Institutes, Foundations, Economic development agencies, Architects, etc.

Breakdown of Services

Public Policy – Practitioner Liaison

  • Serve as an adviser to develop or strengthen work-based learning activities, employer partnerships, and career services for programs, foundations, and institutions that work with youth and young adults
  • Collaborate with Economic Development stakeholders to market and retain STEAM-based industries that will recruit diverse talents and entrepreneurs from targeted communities. In addition, increase access to property investments and community sustainability projects for targeted groups
  • Promote an expansion of revitalization and redevelopment contract opportunities for Economic Development and Planning professionals who are from underrepresented groups
  • Collaborate with relevant stakeholders to develop, advocate and monitor Legislation on Local, State, and Federal level
  • Build working relationships with policy and private stakeholders on behalf of employers and education practitioners to secure support and funding
  • Attend and participate in political, public policy, and private sector workshops, conferences, hearings, and events

Career Adviser

  • Connect competitive professionals and entrepreneurs from STEAM-based industries to potential interns, mentors, and qualified candidates.
  • Provide career advisement to students and young adults 
  • Organize fairs, events, and programs with partners for targeted population


  • Produce white papers and participate in conferences to educate the public and fellow colleagues on topic

Six Reasons Why is WCRC Unique?

  • Does not focus solely on Labor Market Research, but on students’ skills, potential, and ability to adapt since we are unsure what careers will exist by the time they become professionals
  • Focuses on innovative careers that require more than a High School Diploma and prepare the next generation to become change agents and decision makers in STEAM industries
  • Public policy projects use Geography Information System (GIS) to conduct research
  • Heavily targets underrepresented population who, regardless of economic status, still experience systemic discrimination
  • Targets youth and young adult career pathway initiatives to participants between the ages of 12-26
  • Results driven that measures career and work-based placement rates. In addition, aligns economic development projects with retention of industries, underrepresented talent, sustainability resources, and small businesses, as well as, diversity in decision-making process.

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