What RTC Consultancy Offers


To promote career and entrepreneurship-based initiatives for underrepresented youth and young adults that will build a new generation and increase diversity of successful professionals, innovators, and leaders. RTC intends to encourage participants to be competitive, but at the same time, use their skills to contribute to the economic, community, and cultural well-being of their neighborhoods.


Type of Services


  • Serve as an adviser to implement career and entrepreneurship- based curriculum for programs, foundations, and institutions that serve youth and young adults
  • Assist with monitoring legislative, funding, and private-public partnership activities that align with initiatives to measure effectiveness on a local, state, and federal level
  • Advise elected officials and candidates on career readiness policies
  • Build rapport and working relationships with relevant stakeholders on behalf of practitioners to secure support and funding
  • Attend and participate in political/public policy workshops, hearings, and events

Professional Recruitment

  • Connect competitive professionals and entrepreneurs with potential interns, mentors, and qualified candidates
  • Expand partnerships between employers, entrepreneurs, practitioners, and policy leaders
  • Organize programs that will encourage young professionals and youth to use their talent in revitalization and community development projects

Career Advisement

  • Provide career advisement to students and young adults whom are seeking internship and/or entry-level opportunities
  • Organize career, education, and entrepreneurship fairs, events, and programs


  • Newsletters and white papers that educate public and fellow colleagues on topic


Why is Rebuild Talent Consultancy Unique?

  • Seeks increase involvement of high-level skilled private industries and entrepreneurs with public sector
  • Heavily target population whom are or will be most negatively impacted by gentrification, especially in inner cities
  • Focuses on careers that require anywhere between certifications to advanced degrees.
  • Encourage youth and young adults to use their talents to participate in decision making and projects in their communities
  • Ability to build relationships with policy leaders, employers, practitioners, and communities

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