Strong Towns

Strong Towns is an international movement that’s dedicated to making communities across the United States and Canada financially strong and resilient.

Perth Amboy Civic Trust

Civic Trustees are a new force for strengthening our cities’ ability to tackle tough issues.  They are committed to identifying evidence-based solutions to their city’s problems, and working together to implement them with a “no-blame” approach. They make a pledge to serve their city, with their fellow Trustees, by working together to make their city stronger than it is today. I serve on the education committee for K-12 and Higher Education

New Brunswick Tomorrow 0 – 21 Task Force

The task force iden. ifies, analyzes and develops solutions to some of the most complex issues facing the city’s youth. When appropriate, NBT seeks and leverages financial support to invest in solutions that have been vetted through its process that includes the community, the task force and the NBT Board of Directors.

Together North Jersey Task Force


A competitive North Jersey is a place where residents have the education, training, skills, and transportation needed to find (and get to) well-paying jobs. It’s home to a variety of growing industries, especially high-tech and cutting-edge fields, that offer a range of opportunities accessible to all residents. It supports innovation, collaboration, partnership and entrepreneurship in a flourishing 21st century economy.


Create a system of public education that prepares all students for the 21st
century economy.

New Jersey STEM Pathways Network

Part of the Workforce Development priority group. Strengthen academic career readiness for K-12 students; exposes students to the many educational pathways, experiences, and professionals that can prepare them for STEM degree programs and careers in New Jersey.

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